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Studies on Treatment of Uranium Ores. II : Recovery of Uranium from Leach Liquors of a Uranium Ore from the Matsuiwa Mine

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Each liter of acid leach liquors of a uranium ore from the Matsuiwa Mine contains 0.5?0.6g of uranium as UO_2^<++>, 2.2?2.3g of Fe<+++> 1.4-1.7g of Cu^<++> and 16?18g of SO_4^=. After some investigations, a columner ion exchange method was found to be the most adequate to the recovery of uranium from these liquors. By using an Amberlite IRA-400 resin column, adsorption-elution behaviors of the elements in these leach liquors were studied. Though the concentration of sulfate ion is too low to form uranyl-tri-sulfate anion complexes, its adsorption behavior was found quite desirable. By eluting it with 0.9N NaCl-0.1N HCl solution, 7.8g U/1 uranyl solution was obtained, which contained iron less than 0.002 to the uranium concentration. Moreover, iron free uranyl chloride solution, which contained 16.4g of uranium per liter, was obtained, by rinsing the uranium loaded ion exchange column with 8 N HCl and eluting it with water.



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