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対馬における「国境観光」の現状と課題 : 日本全体及び対馬への韓国人旅行者の特性の違いにより明らかにされた国境の島特有の観光振興上の課題と対応の方向性に関する考察

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  • A Research on the Present Situation and the Subjects related to the Inbound Tourists from Korea to the Border Island of Tsushima


Some problems caused from the difference in cultural background and lifestyle behavior of the increasing number of Korean tourists to Tsushima, raised the attention of the Japanese media in autumn 2008. Also, the confusion surrounding tourism promotion and security issues made the argument more complicated. However, things have been gradually getting better in the past 2 years. Even though there are certain issues to be solved, the vitalization of the local economy of Tsushima, the border island, through tourism promotion in an appropriate way is important so as to contribute to mid-long term mutual understanding and cooperative relationships between Japan and Korea for the peace and stability of the East-Asia region.



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