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  • Processing Technology for the Manufacture of Safe and High Quality Meat Products

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In sausage containing porcine hemoglobin (Hb) hydrolysates, 0.3 % and 0.4 % added-samples provided the best color visually, exhibited increase in a^* value and stable red color. Color forming ratio (CFR) of either sample was enhanced by Hb hydrolysate and during a period of 5 days storage, sample CFR was found to exceed that of the control having no Hb hydrolysate. Aerobic storage brought about decrease in CFR, but decrease in CFR of the sample having the Hb hydrolysate was less compared to the control and capacity to maintain coloration was greater. TBA value of the Hb-added sample was less than for the control, indicating antioxidant effect of the Hb hydrolysate. Color of the two samples over a two-week storage period was effectively preserved and the antioxidative effect was greater than for the control. Whey protein hydrolysate addition had no effect on color, there being no change in a^* value, CFR or TBA value, but color was confirmed to be maintained during storage. In this study, nitrite and nitrate as color forming agents may possibly lead to the generation of carcinogenic substances such as nitrosamines. The authors thus sought to establish a method for reddening without the use of nitrite. To elucidate the characteristics of the dark red color in the Chinese raw ham, the absorbance spectrum of pigment was measured by acetone extraction and the extract stability was assessed. The red pigment of Chinese raw ham may be considered basically the same as that of Parma ham, but based on an existence of NO_2^-, it may be concluded that either nitrate or nitrite are contained in the marine salt used for meat salting, or that artificial color forming agents are used.




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