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  • A Comparative Investigation of Bone Mineral Content Measured through Calcaneus Ultrasonic Measurements and the Radial DXA method.

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In addition to an investigation of the Calcaneus ultrasonic measurements using the AOS-100 which is a Dry Calcaneus Ultrasonic Bone Evaluating Equipment, and further measurements of the same subject made using the Radial DXA methods with young people as subjects, we carried out a comparative investigation of the relationship between measurements of methods of testing. We were able to observe an increase in the Radial Bone Mineral Content that accompanies an increase in height and body weight, but were unable to find a correlation between height and body weight in that the ultrasonic measurements. With concern to the calcaneus ultrasonic measurements and the radial bone mineral content relationships, we examined the correlation between the speed of sound measurements, transmission index, Osteo Sono-Assessments index and bone mineral content, but were unable to find any significant correlation. However, it is thought that due cosideration should be paied to the fact that respective regions of measurement differed, being those of the Calcaneus and Radius.



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