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Studies on clinical characteristics and backgrounds of underweight and obese freshman for establishment of appropriate individual health guidance

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2010年に入学時の健康診断を受診した学生552名(男子222名、女子330名)を対象とした。BMI<17.0の著明なやせは、男子3.2%、女子4.5%、BMI≧30.0の著明な肥満は、男子5.0%、女子1.2%で、著明な肥満は男子において有意に高率であった(p<0.05)。著明な肥満においては、男女ともALT、γGTPが高値を示し、さらに男子ではuric acid、女子ではT-Cholが高値を示した。著明なやせの男子でALPが高値で、身長が伸長中の例に留意する必要がある。別途承諾を得た著明なやせ10名、BMI≧25.0の肥満14名について、各種マーカーを測定した。著明なやせの女子においてMDA-LDL高値例が半数にみとめられ、かつsd-LDLと有意の正の相関を示したことから、適正な体重を維持するよう指導すべきと考えられた。肥満例では、adipocytokine、動脈硬化およびインスリン抵抗性マーカーが異常値を示し、腹部超音波検査では11例(78.6%)に脂肪肝をみとめた。肥満例には生活習慣病に繋がる背景を有する例が存在し、入学時から減量に重点をおいた保健指導が必要と考えられる。

The study subjects were 552 freshmen (222 males, 330 females) who underwent health checkups on entering university in 2010. Underweight students with BMI <17.0 comprised 3.2% of males and 4.5% of females, and obese students with BMI≧30.0 comprised 5.0% of males and 1.2% of females, with a significantly higher rate of obesity among males than females (p<0.05). Both male and female obese students exhibited high ALT and γGTP, with high levels of uric acid seen in males and of total cholesterol (T-Chol) in females. ALP levels were high in underweight male students; it must be noted that some were still growing in height. Various markers were measured in 10 underweight students and 14 overweight students with BMI ≧25.0. High MDA-LDL levels were evident in half of underweight female students, and there was also a significant positive correlation with sd-LDL, indicating that they should be instructed to maintain a normal body weight. Overweight students exhibited abnormally high levels of adipocytokine as well as arteriosclerosis and insulin resistance markers, and abdominal ultrasound showed fatty liver in 11 (78.6%). Some overweight students had characteristics that can lead to lifestyle-related diseases, and health guidance that emphasizes losing weight is therefore required from the time they enter university.




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