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  • F.W.Parker's Geography Learning "Content theory and Methodology"

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The main purpose of this article is to research F.W. Parker's theory of geography learning, especially on content theory and methodology. In addition to the basic theory, we are expecting that we will lead to a total understanding of Parker's geography by researching content theory and methodology. My conclusion are as follows. Regarding geography content theory, Parker presented a unique "elementary geography science curriculum" for the purpose of fostering thought power. This curriculum was not considered to be fixed, it was flexible. First, it was "child centered curriculum" that can be modified according the learning situation of child. The other important view is that the "integrated curriculum" was conceived. Regarding methodology, first of all, it is noteworthy that an activism, inductive and even heuristic approach is taken. Secondary, it is highly appreciated that detailed discussion of the importance of questioning of teacher is made in total. The foundation of the questioning also had to be the one that evoked spontaneous activity and fostered thought power. Though these theories and practices Parker was called the "father of the progressive education movement".


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