Development and multiaxial evaluation of a newly xerostomia treatment using Glucosylceramide Extracted from Pineapple

About this project

Project/Area Number
Research Category
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
Allocation Type
  • Multi-year Fund
Review Section / Research Field
  • Biological Sciences > Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy > Dentistry > Social dentistry
Research Institution
  • Kagoshima University
Project Period (FY)
2017-04-01 〜 2020-03-31
Project Status
Budget Amount*help
4,420,000 Yen (Direct Cost: 3,400,000 Yen Indirect Cost: 1,020,000 Yen)
Funding Program
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

Research Abstract

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of oral intake of glucosylceramide extracted from pineapple (GCP) on oral moisture and xerostomia symptoms. Sixteen participants who had xerostomia symptoms were randomly allocated into two groups. One group received, as test samples, tablets containing GCP tablets followed by placebo tablets. The other group received the test samples in the reverse order. Participants were instructed to take tablets of the first test sample once a day after breakfast for two consecutive weeks. Then, after a washout period of four weeks, participants were instructed to take the other test sample for two consecutive weeks. The oral moisture level of the lingual mucosa, xerostomia symptoms, and the number of fungiform papillae was evaluated. The oral moisture significantly increased and the visual analogue score significantly improved after GCP tablets intake.

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