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Socio-Demographic Factors Influencing Views on Suicide

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A population-based cross-sectional study using a questionnaire was conducted in orderto clarify the socio-demographic factors influencing views on suicide in rural areas ofAkita Prefecture. The response rate from 8,163 residents aged 30-69 years was 88.2%.The relationships between views on suicide and socio-demographic factors(age,sex,educational background,occupational status,and depression state)were examined usinga logistic regression analysis with itemized views on suicide for dependent variables.Compared to respondents with a compulsory level of education,the odds ratio of thoseselecting“suicide is tragic”was relatively high for university graduates(odds ratio 2.03,95% confidence intervals 1.50-2.75). Similarly,compared to respondents with a compulsorylevel of education,the odds ratio of those selecting“something must be done aboutsuicide”was high for university graduates(odds ratio 2.83,95% confidence intervals2.08-3.86). In terms of sex,the odds ratio of those selecting“suicide is tragic”and“something must be done about suicide”was higher in women than in men. In terms ofoccupational status,people other than non-manual workers tended to select“suicide isshameful”and not to select“suicide is tragic”. In conclusion,socio-demographic factorssuch as educational background,sex,occupational status and depression influencedviews on suicide.


  • 秋田医学

    秋田医学 35 (2), 141-146, 2008-11-01



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