Frequency-based Constraint Relaxation for Private Query

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  • 抽象状態同期による高機能ロックの実装と評価
  • チュウショウ ジョウタイ ドウキ ニ ヨル コウキノウ ロック ノ ジッソウ ト ヒョウカ

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State Abstraction is a framework in which states of a data structure (or an object) are divided into small number of exclusive sets (Abstract States, or AST), and current abstract state is explicitly managed by the code. In State Abstraction-based Synchronization (or AST-sync), abstract states of the data structure guarded by a critical region are similary managed, and an activity can enter the region only when the current state is included in the pre-specified set. In our previous research, we have implemented AST-sync inside an OS-kernel and have shown its effectiviness (in readability and performance) for standard conditional synchronization (aka. bounded buffers). In this paper, we demonstrate use of AST-sync to construct more complex synchronization mechanisms such as read-write locks or barriers, in simple and efficient manner.


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