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The Mechanical Properties of Palladium 20 a/o Silicon Alloy Quenched from the Liquid State


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The elastic and plastic properties of filaments of non-crystalline Pd 20 a/o Si alloy and the changes that occur on crystallization during and after heating at various temperatures have been examined. The transformation to the crystalline states was examined with X-ray and electron diffraction, electrical resistivity and electron microscopy. The mechanical tests were performed over a temperature range between -195 and 500℃ through a range of strain rates from 10^<-2> to 10^<-4> sec.^<-1> The non-crystalline structure was stable below 275℃ but transformed on heating at 300℃ or above to a face centered cubic structure (a_o=4.00-4.05 A), then to an unknown structure and finally to the stable orthorhombic Pd_3Si. The relatively high strength and brittle behavior of the non-crystalline form changed to lower strength but with more ductility on transforming to the metast-able crystalline states. The temperature dependence of the mechanical properties of both the non-crystalline and crystalline states was measured.


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