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Isovector E2/E0 strength in ^<28>Si studied by the (e, e'n) reaction II(I. Nuclear Physics)


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We have measured the ^<28>Si (e, e'n) reaction in the excitation energy range 28.5- 39.5 MeV which is higher than that in the previous experiment. The obtained E1 strength agreed with that of the photoreaction. The E2-E0 component below 22 MeV showed a difference to that of the (e, e'p_^<0, 1, 2>) reaction and was similar to the (e, e' α_1) and ( α, α ') reactions which contain dominantly isoscalar resonances. In the higher energy, the present E2-E0 data have a broad bump from 23 to 35 MeV which is not seen in the (α, α') reaction ; it is thought to be attributed to the isovector excitation. This interpretation is partially supported by the result of the ^<28>Si(^7Li, ^7Be) ^<28>Al experiment.


  • 核理研研究報告

    核理研研究報告 35 1-7, 2002-11



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