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Note-Taking and Note-Reviewing in a Seminar Class Setting

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  • 共同作成の場におけるノートテイキング・ノート見直し
  • キョウドウ サクセイ ノ バ ニ オケル ノートテイキング ノート ミナオシ

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The purpose of the present paper is to generate a new perspective for the study of note-taking(NT)and note-reviewing(NR). Specifically, the present report is a case study of the note-taking and note-reviewing of 1 participant in a graduate school seminar, which could be considered to be a setting of joint construction. Each action sequence of"NT → NR → U"(where"U"=utterance)formed an episode. 40 such episodes were extracted. When each episode was analyzed, the action sequences were found to have the following 3 characteristics : (1)organization as part of the process of responding to other participants, (2)a close tie to the structure of the seminar class setting and to active participation, and (3)generation of overlaps of others'words and one's own words in the notes and in the utterances. Finally, the present new perspective on note-taking and note-reviewing includes a view of note-taking and note-reviewing as part of an action sequence, an approach to note-taking and note-reviewing that relates to the structure of and style of participation in the teaching-learning situation, and an approach to aspects of note-taking and note-reviewing relevant for in-class dialogue.


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