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高齢者への排尿訓練の動機づけに効果的なコミュニケーションの実際 : 排尿自覚刺激行動療法を適用して


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  • コウレイシャ エ ノ ハイニョウ クンレン ノ ドウキズケ ニ コウカテキ ナ コミュニケーション ノ ジッサイ : ハイニョウ ジカク シゲキ コウドウ リョウホウ オ テキヨウ シテ
  • Actual communication methods for effectively motivating older adults to take part in voiding practice : Application of prompted voiding

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In this study, assistance for improving urinary incontinence based on bladder function evaluation was practically applied to four patients with voiding dysfunction. Analysis was then performed on actual verbal communication incorporating prompted voiding (PV) that was found to effectively motivate patients during assistance.Effective verbal communication fell into three categories: verbal communication of joy in expressing a desire to void and appreciation; verbal confirmation of recovery in urinary function and verbal praise; and verbal communication that respects behavior and pace during voiding. Voiding assistance based on bladder function evaluation and communication incorporating PV led to patients voluntarily asserting their desire to void and thereby to improvements in urinary incontinence. The findings suggest that in the course of improving voiding function, emphasizing respect for patients’ self-esteem in verbal communication is as important as adopting an individualized approach to voiding assistance during bladder training.




  • 研究紀要

    研究紀要 19 101-110, 2018-03-10



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