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  • チイキ ノ ハッタツ ショウガイジ シエン ジギョウ ニ オケル ハッタツ ソウダンシツ ノ ヤクワリ : コベツ ハッタツ ソウダン オヨビ ペアレント ・ トレーニング ノ ケントウ
  • Individual Consultations and Parent Training: Multiple roles of a developmental counseling room supporting children with developmental disorders

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In 2010, we inaugurated a developmental counseling room as a part of a regional project to support children with developmental disorders. Part 1 of this study examined individual consultations and Part 2, Parent Training conducted in this counseling room. Results of Part 1 indicated that the goal of individual consultations were to accept the awareness and anxieties of such children's caretakers, provide psychological education and assistance based on assessment results, and refer clients to other specialized institutions and regional support programs. Future tasks are (1) improving the accuracy of assessments by using test batteries matched to the children's age and stage of development, and (2) gathering up-to-date information on systems and institutions available to care for such children. Part 2 of this study indicated that Parent Training met parent's needs to learn methods of coping with their children, to ease their sense of isolation, and for psychological support. It is suggested that the future task of Part 2 of this program is to respond to the need for longitudinal care as children mature. In conclusion, results indicated the need to combine individual consultations matched to a child's developmental stage and characteristics, and Parent Training that benefits from mutual interactions.




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