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  • リンショウ シンリシ ヨウセイ キョウイク ニオケル フォーカシング ノ イミ

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It is very important for psychotherapists to look into their own psychological processes, as well as to understand their clients. Gendlin’s Focusing technique is an eff ective way to feel and examine one’s pre-conceptual processes. Therefore, it is meaningful for psychotherapists to apply the Focusing technique while imagining their own clients, which is called “Therapist Focusing”. One of the two authors of this paper, Terawaki, had been suffering from uncomfortable feelings, She underwent Focusing sessions, guided by Itoh, the other of the authors, while an undergraduate student of psychology and a graduate student of clinical psychology. These two sessions not only relieved her uncomfortable feelings but also brought her joyful feelings, making her laugh. In psychotherapists’ training, it is as essential to be trained by clients so as to learn the theories and techniques of clinical psychology. However, interviews with clients sometimes make psychotherapists feel fairly uncomfortable. Even in undergraduate course and graduate courses, students who undergo exercises of clinical psychology often feel various degrees of discomfort. In such cases, the Focusing technique is a highly eff ective way to cope with feeling of discomfort and to develop their abilities as psychotherapists.




  • 人文

    人文 7 45-65, 2009-03-28



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