Meanings of Space and the Process of Experiences in the Shikoku-henro Pilgrimage

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  • 遍路の意味空間と体験過程
  • ヘンロ ノ イミ クウカン ト タイケン カテイ

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The structure and meanings of space in Shikoku-henro, a pilgrimage in Shikoku, and the process of experiences undergone by 11 henrosha or pilgrims were analyzed in this study. The external structures of Shikoku-henro include the island and nature, 88 temples, traditional costumes and properties, and internal structures include the hallowed ground, faith of Kohboh-Daishi, receptions by residents in Shikoku, traditional manners and rules, as well as the interplay between everyday lives and holy ones. In these structures, Shikoku-henro means receptive space, the space of self-disciplines, the free and protected space, and the space that keeps and strengthens relationships with others including other henrosha, residents, nature, and Daishi, among others. In these meanings of the space, henrosha has seven stages in the process of experiences: that of (1) introduction and preparations, (2) uneasiness, trial and error, (3) complication and crisis, (4) self-exploration and stability, (6) integration, and (7) transition.


  • 人間文化論叢

    人間文化論叢 9 399-409, 2006


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