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  • ウソ ト ホントウ オ ミワケラレル カ
  • Can humans distinguish between truth and deception?

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This study was designed to investigate whether humans can distinguish between truth and deception. Twenty short video clips were used. The clips depicted 5 male and 5 female actors, presenting autobiographical speeches. In one clip, an actor presented genuinely autobiographical speech or pseudo-autobiographical speech. Participants indicated after each clip whether they perceived the biography to be true or false. Participants also were required to check on the reliability scale at the judgement. In Experiment 1, ninety-eight participants received the 10 clips, 5 were truthful and 5 were false. The result indicated that participants perceived the genuineness of actors with the chance accuracy. For 8 out of the 10 actors, the differences of accuracy between autobiographical speeches and pseudo-autobiographical speeches were obtained. In Experiment 2, fifteen participants received 10 pairs of clips. Each pair consisted of a truly and a deceptive message by the same person. The accuracy was not much better than the chance levels. In Experiment 3, thirty-two participants received the 9 clips without auditory information. These clips consisted of the 3 high-accuracy clips, the 3 chance-accuracy clips and the 3 low-accuracy clips used in Experiment 1. For the high-accuracy clips, the accuracy significantly decreased whist it increased for the low-accuracy clips. It was found that: i) The accuracy at distinguishing between truth and deception was not much better than chance levels; ii) Individual differences in expression of nonverbal leakage were found; iii) Auditory information including paralinguistic cues played a certain role at detecting deception.


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