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ピアノの普及と大阪の都市形成 : 三木楽器の帳簿(1902-1940)の調査に基づいて


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  • The Diffusion of the Piano and Urbanization in Ōsaka : Research on Sales Records of Miki-Gakki Company

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Miki-Gakki, one of the most important Japanese musical companies, held account books of 3700\pianoforte consumers (1902-1940). In this paper I investigate these books and analyze their data of\regions where pianos were purchased.\ This company sold a lot of pianos for the customers in the Western part of Japan as well as Tokyo. I\suggest two reasons for this trade. First, Miki-Gakki had the monopoly in Western Japan for Japanese\reed organ, and secondly it was established as a publisher. As a result, many pianos were delivered to\three main cities in Japan, Ōsaka, Kyōto, and Tokyo.\ Miki-Gakki is located at the center of Ōsaka. Two aspects can be clarified about the diffusion of\pianos in Ōsaka. First, a lot of consumers of pianos were converged in Ōsaka city where served as a\central function of the commerce, industry and traffic network. Especially the main district of Ōsaka\city and Tennoji Ward were prominent in terms of the number of data. Secondly, several pianos were\purchased in the suburbs of Ōsaka city, for example, Semboku and Settu area, which developed as\emergent residential areas with private railways.\ Therefore the diffusion of piano almost corresponded with the urbanization in Ōsaka.


  • 人間文化創成科学論叢

    人間文化創成科学論叢 17 33-41, 2015-03-31




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