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  • コラーゲンゲルサンドイッチホウ ガ ショダイ バイヨウ カン サイボウ ノ キノウ・ブンカ キコウ ニ オヨボス エイキョウ
  • koragengerusandoitchiho ga shodai baiyo kan saibo no kino bunka kiko ni oyobosu eikyo
  • Effects of collagen gel sandwich on functions and differentiation mechanisms in primary cultured hepatocytes

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Bioartificial liver is one of the prolnising approaches to expedite recovery of liver failure. In an effort to reconstruct the hepatocyte function and cellular polarity normally found in the liver, adult rat hepatocytes were sandwiched between two layers of hydrated collagen matrix. Functionally, sandwiched hepatocytes maintained the secretion of albumin, the expression of liver specific proteins and the distribution of actin filaments, whereas the cells cultured on single layer of collagen gel decreased the albumin secretion, the liver specific proteins and showed abnormal formation of actin stress fibers and cell spreading. Overlaying asecond layer of collagen gels on the hepatocytes that had been cultured on a single gel reversed the cell spreading, reduced actin stress fibers and recovered the liver specific protein expressions. Bone marrow cells could differentiate into hepatocytes when they co-cultured with primary cultured hepatocytes in collagen gel sandwich indicating that hepatocytes cultured in collagen gel sandwich was functionally good enough to induce differentiation of bone marrow cell into hepatocytes. This evidence clearly suggests that supplying bone marrow cells into biohybrid artificial liver will be able to extend the lifespan of thisdevice.



  • 慶應医学

    慶應医学 81 (1), 49-60, 2004-03



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