Investigation of Cross Border Environmental Management and Consciousness at the Local Level: Power Plant Development within a Confined International Air Shed


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Localized cross-border management of environmental issues is a growing trend. This paper focuses on a pair of nested questions regarding such management using a Delphi Methodology applied to a panel of local decision makers along the United States – Canada border. First, in response to the past threat of overstressing the shared air-shed is a trans-border consensus emerging among decision makers? Second, if true, might Cross-Border theory and the applied model of the International Watershed Initiative provide insight into how cross-border management might evolve? The study answers each of these affirmatively. However, when the panel is asked if a similar consensus exists across the general public of the transnational - region, panelists are split. Half clearly in the affirmative and half in disagreement, but the bifurcation is not based on nationality. Clearly this is the next area for investigation.

特集 : 「資源、新エネルギー、環境、防災研究国際セミナー」



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