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エダアシクラゲの採集とライフサイクルの制御 : モデル動物・教材動物としての確立をめざして

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  • エダアシクラゲ ノ サイシュウ ト ライフサイクル ノ セイギョ モデル ドウブツ キョウザイ ドウブツ ト シテ ノ カクリツ オ メザシテ
  • Methods for Collecting and Breeding the Hydrozoan Jellyfish Cladonema pacificum : Aim for Its Use for Academic Research and Education

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Cladonema pacificum, a marine hydrozoan jellyfish, belongs to the evolutionarily old diploblastic phylum Cnidaria. As the first step toward the use of jellyfish for academic research and education, we attempted to establish the methods for collecting and breeding C. pacificum. Medusae of this species were collected at 18 fishing ports in Miyagi Prefecture from May to August in 2003. The medusae were brought into our laboratory and its life cycle was regulated according to the modified methods of Hirai and Kakinuma (1957). We succeeded in producing every stage of life cycle, including the zygote, embryo, planula larva, polyp, colony (consisting of many polyps and stolons), and medusa, even in the off-season.


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