Additional notes on freshwater planarians from Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in North America


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  • アメリカ合衆国シェラ・ネバダ山脈のタホエ湖産淡水棲三岐腸類に関する追加報告

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Several years ago I described two species of freshwater planarians that occur at the bottom of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and Nevada, U. S. A. (KAWAKATSU 1968). These lake-dwelling species are : Phagocata tahoena KAWAKAT SU, 1968 (olim Phagocata nivea tahoena), and Dendrocoelopsis hymanae KAWAKATSU1,9 68. Only preserved specimens (fixed in 99 % isopropyl alcohol) were studied. When I studied the species in the spring of 1965, the material of Phagocata tahoena was sufficient for a histological study, but that of Dendrocoelopsis hymanae was only two dried specimens, one sexually mature and the other immature. They were softened in a fluid of glycelin-ethyl alcohol but did not permit a thorough histological analysis of the anatomy. In September of 1967 and again in July of 1968, Dr. Roman KENK, of the Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. visited the Lake (near Al Tahoe, El Drado County, California, Emerald Bay of Lake Tahoe, El Drado County, California, and off Pope Beach, El Drado County, California) and collected a sufficient number of animals of Phagocata tahoena. The material of Dendrocoelopsis hymanae was not collected during his trips. KENK (1970) described some additional morphological, histological and anatomical features of Phagocata tahoena based upon his new material. He also corrected the taxonomic position of Phagocata nivea tahoena as Phagocata tahoena. I fully agree with Dr. KENK'S opinion. Some ecological notes on the habitats of the Lake Tahoe planarians are found in the following literatures: KAWAKATS(U19 65. 1968) and KENK(1970). Films including many photomicrographs of the slides of the Lake Tahoe planarians taken by myself during the spring of 1965 are deposited in my laboratory. The purpose of this paper is a publication of some of these photomicrographs. These may be useful for the future taxonomic study of the Lake Tahoe planarians. I have also added two photographs showing the prospect of Lake Tahoe taken by Mr. Ted C. FRANTZ.




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