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A study on the learning process of sustainable community design: from the process of etude based on the case method approach


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Previous research points to organize the social capital that is effective in solving community problems. In this paper, firstly taking the case of a work created by the volunteer community fire brigade, then a workshop where students observe the pattern of the discussion surrounding this case, is followed by a sequel to the story in this case, making plays in the drama itself. Finally the essence is summarized focusing on the problem-solving process to consider appropriate measures. Through this work, it is trying to suggest an effective learning procedure to arouse the desire and intention to participate in building sustainable communities. In conclusion, as to the essential issues contributing to design sustainable community, experience learning is important and useful by acting to accumulate social capital within the community and to know how important it is to have a positive motive in contributing to solve social problems. A case in point, the fire brigade in the community after the Tohoku Earthquake that occurred on the 11th March 2011, supporting the evacuation of the people and searching for missing residents of the local community, are praised for their committed action in the disaster area so dedicatedly, many scenes are still vivid in our memories after four months since the incident happened. Bearing this in our mind, we should archive this valuable knowledge and experiences, it might be our responsibility to find the way to strengthen social networks and to take any future action. In quoting fire brigade case, in this paper, the author tries to evaluate the case methodology and etude procedure from the scope of learning process contributing towards building sustainable community.


  • 横浜経営研究

    横浜経営研究 32 (1), 99(99)-112(112), 2011-06



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