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  • Layered Key-value Store for Mobile Applications

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Recent rapid development of high-speed mobile communication systems, together with performance/efficiency enhancement of processors, enabled widespread use of feature-rich mobile device called smartphone, which incorporates basic system software. In smartphone, only applications that have passed inspection by vendors can be distributed to consumers. Software developers therefore need to reinspect their products every time they are updated, resulting in delay of delivery time of their new or updated service. To work around this problem, resources or files such as images, sound data, and databases used in applications are often placed on external servers as a single archive or composit file that can be expanded by application running on smartphone, making update possible without relying on smartphone vendors. This technique, however, is suboptimal since entire file must be resent even if only a limited part of the file is updated. In this presentation, we focused on key-value store (KVS), which is a kind of database commonly used in the technique described above. Our KVS can create and manage difference between versions as files, thus reducing redundancy. To achieve this, we propose a technique to organize KVS from multiple files as layers, and compose single image that can be manipulated as single KVS from developers. Moreover, we also propose a system that combines multiple databses described in various data description language into a system that can be accessed through common interface.




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