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経済主義の経済倫理学 : ホーマンらの所論を中心として


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  • ケイザイ シュギ ノ ケイザイ リンリガク ホーマンラ ノ ショロン オ チュウシン ト シテ
  • Economic Ethics from the Perspective of Economism

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K.Homann(Munich University) and his colleagues advocate the economic ethics of economism. Economism refers to the thinking that principles of the market economy like competition and profit maximization, etc. have a decisive influence on the economic actions of business enterprises and of all kinds of people in the economic system. Although the market economy has contributed to economic growth, it sometimes has serious ethical defects and social conflicts. To avoid these situations, Homann and his colleagues insist that the economic framework should be changed through democratic procedures under the strong influence of the market economy. For them it is a central theme of economic ethics. In this paper we explain the characteristics of this type of economic ethics and give some consideration to the problems concerning them.





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