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  • Cities and Economy in the Chu State during the Warring-States Period
  • センゴク ジダイ ニオケル ソ ノ トシ ト ケイザイ

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This paper considers the reason why the Chu state was defeated by the Qin state. The Chu state was located in the southern part of China, and was recognized as one of the strongest states during the Warring-States period with the richness of national resources and the vast extent of land. There has been several hypotheses for the cause of defeat of the Chu, but this paper also submits an another hypothesis from the economic perspective which seems much more persuasive than the others. According to the paper, even though the Chu was not productive in terms of farming, she certainly had rich other resources and the vast land. The Chu people could make a living without any help by the government, so the government did not so much powerful and people tend to escape easily as soon as wars against other states occur. For the Chu, therefore, it was important for her economic and financial development to sell her own national resources and buy other commodities from other states instead. However the Chu had not noticed the way for the economic development, and the Qin seems noticed earlier than the Chu. That is the reason why the Chu was finally defeated by the Qin.





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