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感情体験の分析(XI) : 苦しいについて


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  • Analysis of Some Emotional Experiences (11th report) : On Agonizing



This is the 11th report of successive studies on analysis of some emotional experiences. In this study I aim to analyze the experience of agonizing. 587 free descriptions in 607 subjects were adopted as available data. These descriptions were classified into 41 scenes, and then classified into 13 patterns. Finally, these were organized into 3 themes about relations to one-self. That is (1) be in task, (2) be in problem, (3) be in accident. In the next step, frequencies were made upon these scenes, patterns, or themes, indeed those means were investigated. The conclusions showed that constitution of experience about agonizing has 5 elements. That is A) become strained in a situation that was of a task or a problem, an accident, B) go beyond the limits of one's ability that was of physical or psychic, regulatory, C) unresolved the strain, D) continuously be in the same situation, E) recognized the enduring strain by oneself.



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