Relationships between change in locality and the administrative consolidation in the kashima seaside region


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In Western countries the studies which discuss relations among globalization, place, and policy have appeared since the 1980s. These were called locality studies. Although the Japanese national government recently fostered administrative consolidation from the view of neoliberalism, locality studies seem to have been few. Therefore the purpose of this study is to discuss the relation between political process of municipalities for administrative consolidation in the Kashima Seaside region and globalization. The Kashima Seaside region has been developed since the 1960s, and many factories have been located there. However the business of these factories has depressed since the 1980s because of globalization. In Kashima Town the business of Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. which represented the industry of the town, was depressed so that the tax income for the town government decreased. Hence the town merged into Oono Village which was next to Kashima Town to improve the base of public finance in 1995. However the base of public finance in Kamisu Town, next to Kashima Town, has not been as poor as that of Kashima Town so that Kamisu Town has remained not to be consolidated. The difference in the base of public finance between Kashima and Kamisu Town derive the borders in the Kashima Seaside region.



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