Living in the enriched environment alleviates stress under decreasing photoperiods in Syrian hamsters.

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type:Departmental Bulletin Paper

Mizumura,H., Ibuka,N. The present experiment was performed to investigate the effect of living in enriched environments on stress tolerance in hamsters under decreasing photoperiods.Stress was produced by unpredictable deprivation of food on 30% of the days during the 12-week decreasing photoperiods.We hypothesized that living in the enriched environments alleviates stress, and thus prevents the detrimental effect by stress on testicular and body development in hamsters under decreasing photoperiods.The present finding indicated that the animals living in enriched environments gained their weights more than their controls, and eluded the loss of body weight produced by stress.Our result also showed that living in enriched environment tended to stimulate testicular development and prevent the suppressive effect by stress on testicular development under decreasing photoperiod.

identifier:滋賀大学教育学部紀要, 3, 自然科学, 第54号, pp.1-7


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