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  • Malbolge ノ ワードチョウ ノ カクダイ ト ソノ プログラミング シエン ツール
  • Malbolge with 20trits word length and its programming

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Malbolge is known to be one of the most esoteric programming languages. Recently a low-level assembly language (LA-language) has been designed as an intermediate language for Malbolge programming and a low-level assembler (LA-assembler) has been constructed that generates a Malbolge program from a low-level assembly program.We have a problem that the LA-assembler often fails because the size of generated Malbolge program exceeds the limit. For example, the size of an incrementation program produced by the LA-assembler is one-tenth of the allowed size. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a variant of Malbolge, named Malbolge20, whose word length is extended to 20trits from the original size 10trits.We enhanced the memory management by introducing cash mechanism. We modify the existing LA-assembler and debugger of Malbolge for Malbolge20 as a programming environment of Malbolge20.

IEICE Technical Report;SS2013-25,IEICE Technical Report;KBSE2013-25



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