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ポスター講演 ナビゲーションシステムにおける音声認識を用いた直観的操作

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  • ナビゲーションシステムにおける音声認識を用いた直観的操作
  • ポスター コウエン ナビゲーション システム ニ オケル オンセイ ニンシキ オ モチイタ チョッカンテキ ソウサ
  • Controlling Medical Navigation System by Speech Recognition

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Recently, navigation systems play an important role in helping surgeons during surgery. This system provides a 3D representation of the patient and can be seen the patient from any point of view However, a conventional navigational system is not very intuitive. Using a mouse and a keyboard for manipulating the navigation system is during surgery disruptive. This research proposes a navigation system interface using human voice as its input. This system can navigate and perform image processing by only human voice.

IEICE Technical Report;MI2012-113



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