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特別招待講演 受信機に高速イメージセンサを用いたITS可視光通信

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  • 受信機に高速イメージセンサを用いたITS可視光通信
  • トクベツ ショウタイ コウエン ジュシンキ ニ コウソク イメージセンサ オ モチイタ ITS カシコウ ツウシン
  • Driver Assistant System using Visible Light Communications : Road-to-Vehicle Visible Light Communications using LED Array and On-Vehicle High-Speed Camera

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We are conducting a study on viheicle-infrastractuctre cooperateive systems using visible light communications for driving safty applications. This paper introduces our studies on such VLC supported ITS systems using a high-speed image sensor as a VLC receiver equiped on a vehicle. The image sensors are now adopted for a lane keeping, an obstables recognition, a range estimation and many other applications. If we could add a VLC function to those safety applications, then a driver can recognize his environment visually and also he recognize his environment by signals transmitted through an LED traffic lights, LED tail lights, LED signage board, etc in a form of VLC signals. Together, it can contribute to more extensive safety driving.

IEICE Technical Report;OCS2013-95, IEICE Technical Report;CS2013-94



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