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  • 2003ネン 12ガツ 26ニチ イラン バム ジシン ヒガイ チョウサ ソクホウ
  • Preliminary Report of the December 26 2003 Bam, Iran, Earthquake

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A destructive earthquake (M_W 6.6) occurred on December 26, 2003, at 7:56 GMT (5:26AM local time), near the city of Bam located southeastern part of Iran. There is the Bam fault just 2 km away from the city, which might be activated for the first time in several thousand years. The focal depth is estimated to be 8 to 10 km and the focal mechanism is reported to be dextral strike-slip with small vertical component. Strong motions were recorded in the city, about 14 km from the epicenter. The maximum peak ground acceleration was 1.0g in vertical, and 0.81g and 0.65g in horizontal components. The number of victims due to the earthquake exceeded 40,000 as of Feb. 26, 2004. A major cause of death could be crashed or hit by the debris while sleeping due to the collapse of housings. The earthquake also destroyed the historical mud brick complex, Arg-e-Bam which is more than 1,500 years old.


  • 自然災害科学

    自然災害科学 23 (1), 117-126, 2004-05-30



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