Activity of Naringinase in the Extracts from Citrus unshiu waste Treated with Brewer's Yeasts and Their Inhibitory Effects on Angiotensin Converting Enzyme

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  • 醸造酵母で処理した温州ミカン粕抽出物中のナリンギナーゼ活性とアンジオテンシン変換酵素阻害活性について〔英文〕
  • ジョウゾウ コウボ デ ショリシタ ウンシュウ ミカン カスチュウシュツブツチ
  • 醸造酵母で処理した温州ミカン粕抽出物中のナリンギナーゼ活性とアンジオテンシン変換酵素阻害活性について

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Naringinase activity and inhibitory potency against Angiotensin- converting enzyme were tested in the extract from Citrus unshiu waste treated with various brewer's yeasts. Naringinase activity in the yeasts tested was much smaller than that in some fungi. It was, however, proved that if an appropriate incubation method is adopted, analysis method is effective for this system. Inhibitory effect in the extract, on the contrary, was shown being positive in almost all strains tested. These results suggest that this approach will be a promising method to make a component of functional foods.



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