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Quick-drying, protective coating of papers with poly(methacrylate) latices containing alkali-hydrolysable emulsifiers

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Surfaces of filter papers pretreated with sodium carbonate were coated with poly(methacrylate) latices containing alkali-hydrolysable or non-hydrolysable cationic emulsifiers by a simple drop-coating method and their surface properties were investigated. Determination of fixed amounts of polymers and observation of the paper surfaces suggest that glass transition temperature of the polymers and hydrolysability of the emulsifier are dominant factors for the coating. The latices of poly(2-ethylhexyl methacrylate) containing the hydrolysable emulsifier could coat the paper surface almost perfectly and smoothly, making it quick-drying and water repellent.


POLYMER BULLETIN. 67(7):1367-1377 (2011)



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