Source Functions in Bose-Einstein Correlations and Analyses of Data in S + Pb Reaction at 200 GeV/c

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We consider several source functions in the Bose-Einstein correlations (BEC) and show their interrelations between 4-dimensional and 3-dimensional configuration space. We use two frameworks, i.e., a conventional one and that of the laser optical (LO) approach. The data of the BEC by NA44 Collaboration are analysed by our formulae. It is found that the BEC expressed by the Gaussian distribution, an exponential function and power functions of Lorentzian show almost the same x² - values in both frameworks. From estimated values of the root mean square in the conventional formula, Rrms=√<γ²> ), the following physical picture is obtained: 1.2A^⅓_τ<Rrms(S+Pb at 200 GeV/c)<1.2(A^⅓_τ+ A^⅓_ρ), where A_τand A_ρare target and projectile masses.


信州大学教養部紀要. 28: 259-267(1994)



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