Reexamination of Intrinsic Motivation in the Study of Japanese Language Learning

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  • 日本語学習研究における「内発的動機づけ」の再検討
  • ニホンゴ ガクシュウ ケンキュウ ニ オケル 「 ナイハツテキドウキズケ 」 ノ サイケントウ

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Motivation plays an important role in the autonomous learning ofstudents. Previously, various empirical research and theoreticalexaminations in the field of educational psychology have been conducted.Recently, “self-determination theory”, which is developed from intrinsicand extrinsic motivation theories, is often used, although greater focus isplaced on intrinsic motivation.The framework of the motivation theory in educational psychologyand second language acquisition study differ. The educationalpsychological view of motivation is an older view and incorporated as asingle part of second language acquisition research.In Japanese language educational studies, the greater number ofmotivational studies are based on second language acquisition whileeducational psychological approaches are much fewer.This paper aims to 1) provide an overview of learners’ motivationalstudies in the field of Japanese language teaching study, 2) introduceintrinsic motivation theory from the viewpoint of educational psychology,and 3) discuss the application of the theory to support Japanese languagelearners. The intrinsic motivation study in educational psychology willlargely aid learners who are motivated by their own interest in thesubject matter.


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