Relationship between treatment duration of depression and criticism from family members

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  • うつ病の治療期間と家族からの批判の関係性
  • ウツビョウ ノ チリョウ キカン ト カゾク カラ ノ ヒハン ノ カンケイセイ

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うつ病は,治療期間が長期化するほど重症化し,生活支障度が高まる(Shapiro et al., 1994)。うつ病の重症度には,家族からの批判が影響するため(Renshaw, 2007),治療期間の長期化に伴い家族からの批判が高まる可能性がある。本研究では,うつ病患者の治療期間と家族からの批判の関連性を検討することを目的とする。精神科・心療内科クリニックを受診しているうつ病患者16名を対象に,家族からの批判を測定する質問紙(PCM:成瀬他,2017)への回答を求めた。本研究は東京医科大学医学倫理委員会の承認を得て実施された。参加者の平均治療期間は46.19か月(標準偏差57.18,範囲1か月から205か月),PCMの平均得点は4.25(標準偏差2.79)であった。相関分析の結果,治療期間が長い者ほど家族からの批判が強いことが示された(r=.68)。本研究は横断的調査のため因果関係に言及はできないが,うつ病患者において治療の長期化によって家族からの批判が高まるという現象に留意することの重要性が示唆された。

The long treatment for depression make worse the severity of depression symptoms and social dysfunction (Shapiro et al., 1994). The severity of depression is known to be influenced by perceived criticism from family members (Renshaw, 2007). Therefore, there is a possibility that criticism from family members will increase with the length of treatment. The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between the duration of treatment for patients with depression and criticism from their families. Sixteen patients with depression participated in this study. All patients were out patient of psychiatric clinic. All patients filled in Perceived Criticism Measure (PCM: Naruse et al., 2017). This study was conducted with the approval of the Ethics Committee of Tokyo Medical University. The average of treatment duration was 46.19 (SD: 57.18, range:1 to 205) months. In addition, the average PCM score was 4.25 (SD: 2.79). The results of correlation analysis showed that the longer the treatment period, the stronger the perceived criticism from their families (r=.68). Because of This study was a cross-sectional study, and cannot mention causal relationship. However, this study suggests the importance of consider to the situation that perceived criticism from family members increases with prolonged treatment in patients with depression.


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