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  • Electrical and optical properties of AgInS2 with I-III-VI2 compound semiconductor
  • I-III-VI2 ゾク カゴウブツ ハンドウタイ ノ AgInS2 ノ デンキテキ コウガクテキ トクセイ

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AgInS2 crystals with changing Ag/In ratio were grown by a Hot-Press method at 700℃ under 25 MPa for 1 hour. The samples were evaluated X-ray diffraction (XRD), density measurement, electron probe micro analysis, Hall measurements, and photoluminescence. From the XRD spectra, chalcopyrite and orthorhombic type of all samples was confirmed AgInS2 peak. From the Hall measurement, all samples indicated n-type conductivity. It was deduced that lattice defects of sulphur vacancy was much existed in both Ag- and In-rich samples. From the photoluminescence, a free exciton emission was observed in both chalcopyrite and orthorhombic AgInS2 crystal.



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