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[Originals]The control of bacterial wilt of tomato by Geranium carolinianum L.

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  • [報文]アメリカフウロを利用したトマト青枯病の防除

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In a previous study, we found that a 70% aqueous ethanol extract of fresh aerial tissue of G. carolinianum L. showed antimicrobial activity against the pathogen causing bacterial wilt of potato. Furthermore, we demonstrated that a treatment combining the soil incorporation of dried aerial tissue of G. carolinianum into the soil and solarization was highly effective in the control of bacterial wilt of potato. Therefore, we have examined the control effect of the above-mentioned treatment against bacterial wilt of tomato in a field trial. The development of this disease did not observe though eight months had passed since tomato seedlings was planted. These findings suggest that G. carolinianum could be used as a biological agent for the control of bacterial wilt of various crops.




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