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Similarities and Differences between Historical Tales in Iro-setsuden and the texts of Miyako-shiden by Kiyomura Kounin

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  • 『遺老説伝』と慶世村恒任『宮古史伝』における類似説話
  • 『 イロウセツデン 』 ト ケイセイムラ コウニン 『 ミヤコ シデン 』 ニ オケル ルイジ セツワ

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Miyako-shiden was published in 1927, and is the first complete written history of the Miyako Islands. The book is the result of studies by the author, Kiyomura Kounin, into the local history and traditional literature of his native province. Iro-setsuden contains many tales from the Miyako Islands compiled in the 18th century. In order to understand the significance of the island tales in Iro-setsuden, one must compare them both with original documents collected by local officials, and with the texts of Miyako-shiden. For instance, regarding the family line of Nakasone Tuyumya, an important figure who ruled Miyako in the 15th-16th century, we find that his relationships with his great-great-grandfather, Meguromori, and his oldest maternal ancestor were rendered fragmentary and unclear in Iro-setsuden's narratives, which had been recorded in classical Chinese. This is thought to have been caused by the modification of its motif from that of the original materials. It is indicated that the editor intended neither to unify the particular island histories, nor to write a separate history of the islands from that of mainland Ryukyu, yet many extant documents refer to specific historical figures, events, and places in the Miyako Islands.



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