Novel pathogenic VPS13A gene mutations in Japanese patients with chorea-acanthocytosis

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  • Novel pathogenic <i>VPS13A</i> gene mutations in Japanese patients with chorea-acanthocytosis


Objective To identify mutations in vacuolar protein sorting 13A (VPS13A) for Japanese patients with suspected chorea-acanthocytosis (ChAc). Methods We performed a comprehensive mutation screen, including sequencing and copy number variation (CNV) analysis of the VPS13A gene, and chorein Western blotting of erythrocyte ghosts. As the results of the analysis, 17 patients were molecularly diagnosed with ChAc. In addition, we investigated the distribution of VPS13A gene mutations and clinical symptoms in a total of 39 molecularly diagnosed Japanese patients with ChAc, including 22 previously reported cases. Results We identified 11 novel pathogenic mutations, including 1 novel CNV. Excluding 5 patients with the unknown symptoms, 97.1% of patients displayed various neuropsychiatric symptoms or forms of cognitive dysfunction during the course of disease. The patients carrying the 2 major mutations representing over half of the mutations, exon 60-61 deletion and exon 37 c.4411C>T (R1471X), were localized in western Japan. Conclusions We identified 13 different mutations in VPS13A, including 11 novel mutations, and verified the clinical manifestations in 39 Japanese patients with ChAc.


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