Self-Understanding Through Natural History, Society and 'Meme'

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  • 自然・社会・文化から見る自己理解
  • シゼン シャカイ ブンカ カラ ミル ジコ リカイ

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The self-consciousness is the arrival point of the biological evalution, And thc self-consciousness has evolved due to the interaction with the self and society. A human being transmits culture('meme') to the circumference. and transmits it to the next generations. The gap of the speed of the evolution by the gene and 'meme' became big. The expansion of the gap caused the problem of the modern society. One example is the environmental problem of the earth. Japanese fishermen have carried out afforestation activities in the whole country. Their activities will achieve excellent results in the future. They can hold on because the future can be seen. The brain of the human being has been made to evolve large. The main part of the evolving brain is prediction ability. There is a fishermen's self-understanding as a thing which transmits their 'meme' in the future.


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