Functions and Problems of Disaster Volunteer Center-A Case of Miyagi Earthquake 2003-

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  • 災害ボランティアセンターの機能と課題 -宮城県北部地震を事例として-

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The present study examined functions and problems of disaster volunteer center, according to our participant observations at the 2003 Miyagi Earthquake. Two disaster volunteer centers were established through cooperation between local organizations such as councils of social welfare and disaster non-profit organizations outside of the affected regions. The comparison led us to conclude that disaster NPOs are supposed to provide not only their own experiences in other disaster fields, but also the whole picture of disaster volunteer centers, which are different from the regional volunteer centers for the peach time. It was suggested that a disaster volunteer center may longitudinally affect re-activating relationship among local organizations for the community reconstruction. Based on the positive functions of disaster volunteer centers, it is required for disaster NPOs to develop a tool for encouraging the establishment of disaster volunteer center.



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