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"パズル式あかね積木"に関する研究・調査 報告書


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  • パズルシキアカンツミキニカンスルケンキュウ・チョウサ

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Our group has taught students and residents or visitors of nursing homes how to play with the puzzles. We have kept developing tools to improve playability and ease of learning. The reason we invented the tools is because we feel it's important to create an environment in which every person can enjoy themselves with friends without a sense of discomfort, regardless of age, gender, environment or education.We offered experience days at places where various people get together. Through these experiences, we observed how they played or how they solved the puzzles. In addition, using questionnaires and partially structured interviews we collected data such as how many times they played with puzzles and how many times they solved them, how they felt during games. The results show that regardless of gender and generation nearly everyone enjoyed the games and no one was bored.Users of wide age range, from 3 to 97 years old, show how eager they are to improve their puzzle solving skills. Also, the teachers at schools and caretakers at nursing houses where the trials were held recognized that the puzzles are quite effective to give the users a sense of enjoyment and encourage celebrating other's successes. We believe that the effectiveness of the puzzle type blocks has been verified through these 10 years of trials and research.We intend to keep researching about the different ways the puzzle blocks are used, and how this relates to the user's self affirmation, sense of achievement and contentedness. Utilizing the results of this research, we plan to keep introducing these tools to society, hoping to effectively support communication between different generations, with a goal to sharing the tools among many.


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