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  • 〈Articles〉A Critical Review on Local Economy Revitalization by Tourism Destination Classification


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[概要]観光振興と地域活性化は,結びつけられて語られることが多い。しかし,すべての地域に観光による地域活性化を期待することは適当でない。また,地域経済の再活性化は,観光だけがドライバーでもない。しかし,製造企業集積をもたない地域で,雇用を発生させるためのサービス事業の育成や,地域外からの資金流入について,いつも安易に,観光がその役割を期待されてきた。本稿は,観光振興の打ち上げとその予算がつくことが,地域経済の産出向上に必ずしもつながるわけではないこと,観光振興は非常に限定的な地域でのみ効果を発揮することを指摘する。観光地を類型化することで,観光による一律な地域経済活性化への期待を批判的に検討する。 [Abstract] Tourism industry promotion has been often told, being associated with regional development. However, we cannot always expect regional development by promoting tourism. Tourism promotion is not only the driver of reginal development. Yet in the region where there is no manufacturing clusters, tourism industry is often and easily expected to play the role as fostering service industry or inflowing of money. In this paper, we suggest that industry promotion and the fund appropriated by the government cannot always increase the output of the activities of the local economy. And that we also point out that the tourism promotion is effective only in the special and very restrictive region. We critically discuss about the uniformly expectation for regional development by tourism by categorizing tourism spot.



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