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  • セイマツミン ハツ シャンハイ ニ オケル チュウゴクゴ シンブン コウコク カラ ミル ニホン ブンカ ノ チュウゴク エ ノ デンニュウ
  • The lntroduction of Japanese Culture into China: Form the Perspective of Advertisements on Shanghai Newspaper during the Late Qing and Early Min Period

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In the late Qing and early Min periods, language and publications became two prevalent ways of Japanese culture transmission in China. After Jiawu China-Japan War, the two transmission methods reached their peaks. Language with the newly created Japanese words as its main body was transmitted across China in through professors and publications,which helped Japanese language a component of modern Chinese character system. Publications that were introduced to China were mostly about the new learning that Japan produced by borrowing from the west. They had a very big influence on China.

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