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  • フリカエリ ニッキ ガ セイシンテキ ケンコウ ニ オヨボス コウカ ノ ケントウ
  • Effect of "Reflecting Diary" on Mental Health

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The purpose of this study was to discuss the effect of a "Reflecting Diary" on mental health. In this study, participants were randomly divided into 3 groups (event writing group, emotional writing group, felt sense writing group) and engaged in 30 days of diary writing. In the event writing group, they mainly described the events of the day, and in the emotion writing group, they described the events and related emotions. In the felt sense writing group, participants were asked to describe events and emotions, and their felt senses. A questionnaire survey was conducted before and after the 30-day diary writing period, and one month later. After finishing the diary, we asked for their impressions in a free-form format. We verified the contents of the diary and found that they were not completed as indicated. The three groups were combined, and the results of the questionnaire survey were examined. Data analysis revealed the following: In the stress reaction scale, there was a more significant decrease after diary writing on the 4 subscales (fatigue, anger, malfunction of the circulatory system, depression) than before diary writing. In addition, a significant decrease in "anxiety and depression" and "social dysfunction" was confirmed through the General Health Questionairre (GHQ-12). As a positive influence on mental health, it was shown that "authentic living" and "authentic self-feeling" increased significantly afterwriting compared to before writing. Furthermore, 79 sentences were extracted and 20 keywords were created from the free-format writing. When summarizing keywords by similarity, they were arranged into "sorting out feelings," "further awareness/understanding," "positive feelings/thoughts," "changes," and "reflections." From these results, we discuss the effect of a "Reflecting Diary."

本研究は科学研究費助成事業(学術研究助成基金助成金)の助成を受けた(基盤研究C 課題番号:15K04147)。


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