A study of the growth of peer supporter in the student dormitory : A case of Ochanomizu University SCC resident assistant

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  • 学生寮におけるピアサポーターの成長に関する一考察 : お茶大SCC のレジデント・アシスタントを事例として

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This study analyzes what type of competency has been developed from the activities in\ the dormitory among the peer supporter student at the dormitory based on the competency\ evaluation program of our university. The subject is the Ochanomizu University SCC resident\ assistant.\  The main findings are as follows. 1)RA system has begun and since it is the start of the\ second term activity, competency with problem solving thinking, spirit of challenge, task\ setting, independent action and sense of duty were thought to h ave been developed. 2)By living\ together in the same house as a RA, competency such as receptive manner, understanding\ diversity, appreciation, role behavior and information sharing were thought to have developed.\ 3) In each of the activity in the dormitory such as house administration and committee,\ element of developing competency was understood to have existed .\ keywords : student dormitory, living environment, human relationships, degree of satisfaction,\ residence at dormitory.



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