Why must the schoolteacher be encouraged? : Problematique on practice and research in education

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  • 教師は「力づけ」られねばならないのか? : 実践と研究における問題系

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This article aims to philosophize the problem of knowledge with regard to educational practice and research from the schoolteacher's viewpoint. For the examination, I set two groups of problematiques on practice and research in education. (Ⅰ) problematique on the relationship between the researcher and the schoolteachers and(Ⅱ) problematique on the knowledge of practice. First, I explore these through the history of teacher culture and examine the issue to which a teacher has been seen as a problem. Second, for(Ⅰ), I examine that the concept of the “teacher as a researcher” has been rather controversial in the history of teacher culture, especially with regard to Sawayanagi Masatarou's ideas and the controversy over educational practice and research in the '50s. Third, for(Ⅱ), I philosophize the relationship between the researcher and the “teacher as a researcher” by introducing the post colonial theory, especially that of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak's subalterns theory. Fourth, I assert that the schoolteacher becomes an organic intellectual. This involves “ethical resistance” and “others” toward the child. To\ conclude, I propound the concept of the “teacher as a researcher” which must be reconstructed in the modern age.


  • 人間文化創成科学論叢

    人間文化創成科学論叢 13 259-267, 2011-03



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